• 43%

    CPA Reduced

  • 406%

    Converted Clicks Increased

Our Goal

“Improve Number of Leads By 300% With No Compromise on Quality”

quotetopWe find Uynscape to be cut through and fierce when it comes to mobilizing and results. They have one of the most effective teams and account servicing philosophies around in digital marketing and are a full service digital marketing agency. I am taking the whole team out for a trip in my next visit to India.quotebottom

Rishi Bharathan
CEO at WiserAdvisor

The Challenge

Very Aggressive & Rich Competitors

Limited Revenue Potential Against Leads

Ever Changing Location Targeting

Maintaining Profitability

What Worked!

WiserAdvisor is into lead generation in Financial Advisory space in US, which is one the most competitive areas for running Search Advertisement campaigns. We decided to make use of Google’s Machine Learning abilities at every step possible, with minimum possible intervention from our side. Some of the key elements used were:-

  • Google Keyword Planner Tool without putting any “User Intent” prejudice
  • Using Expanded Text Ads
  • Adopting more than 80% recommendations from Adwords, as they came
  • Use of Google recommended CPA bids

Case Studies

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