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The importance of content marketing continues to rise for many brands but knowing how to measure effectively (Content Marketing Analytics) is considered a major issue by more than 50% content marketeers. Being able to evaluate your content marketing activity, from creation to distribution, is critical to its success. You can use content marketing analytics to identify and address both issues and opportunities in your content strategy.

Unyscape has developed a comprehensive content marketing measurement framework. We have been working with many clients in planning & measurement of their content initiatives.

Consumption Metrics

How many users are consuming your content on which channel, with what frequency & in what depth.

Sharing Metrics

Which content is got shared on what platform, at what time by what kind of user.

Conversion Metrics

Direct or assisted conversions your content is influencing & metrics around business impact.

Cost Metrics

Content creation, distribution & management cost mapped with short term or long term business impact.

Retention Metrics

Which content (or type) influence subscription the most.

Engagement Metrics

Which content influence what level engagements (comments, reviews, ratings).
Efficiency of content marketing