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Competition Intelligence data is critical for digital success. It can be seen as organised data driven model to monitor competition landscape. Unyscape has built customized solutions that account for the specific digital attributes of your competitive environment, leveraging automated data extraction technologies and human intelligence to collect, clean & visualize data. Digital competition intelligence is likely to contribute to search performance, content planning, product upgrades & even technology adoptions.


Monitoring competitors closely will help us in either improving ourselves or exploiting opportunities which they are not capturing. Some of the key tasks we are likely to perform are:

  • Compare search performance for non-brand keywords
  • Compare SERP dominance for branded keywords
  • Information Architecture elements
  • Blogs & articles written on their system
  • Content shared on social
  • Digital brand strength influencers : Backlinks, Brand mentions, Reviews
  • Social engagements
  • Brand voice & sentiment
  • Marketing technology
  • Analytics framework
  • Tech infra