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We have observed that cost of digital performance risks to organizations is largely unmonitored and unrecognized.

Due to the explosive growth of digital risks, organizations need a flexible, automated approach that can monitor digital channels for organization-specific risks & trigger alerts. It is designed to detect digital marketing performance threats and create alerts to minimize performance disruption and financial losses.

Digital marketing risk monitoring framework consists of :-


Wrong digital performance data

Nothing can be riskier than wrong performance data (success attributions, engagement metrics etc), where we make decisions based on wrong data or wrong context.

Search performance risks

Organic search performance can permanently get damaged by factors like Google’s algorithm changes, distorted backlink profile, content duplications or even information architecture changes.

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User experience risk

Website is not getting loaded on certain devices/browsers, internal links are giving 404 errors can cause serious damage to brand.

Brand risks

  • Brand associated with hate, racism, politics
  • Competitors controlling brand search performance
  • Impersonations on Social Media & websites
  • Counterfeit websites, coupons, offers
  • Bad/Fake reviews

Digital data governance

Competitors having access to your performance data can cause serious damage to your competitive advantage.

Code of conduct

From using creatives when you don’t have copyright for that to using open source code without contributing to the community back; from engaging with contact without taking permission to engage to using paid bloggers or vloggers or reviewers with notifying it clearly.

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