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Unyscape’s Digital Consumer Insights service is a natural outcome of extensive work done with digital brands in 8 years. We have been helping our customers in achieving a wide variety of objectives of our customers by in-depth digital consumer insights.

Consumer Insights in digital analytics are likely to:-

1) Improve acquisition rate
2) Reduce new customer acquisition cost
3) Improve retention rate
4) Improve order recency & frequency
5) Reducing churn rate
6) Improving margins & many more…


Improve Acquisition Rate


Reducing New Customer Acquisition Cost


Improve Retention Rate


Improving Order Recency & Frequency


Reducing Churn Rate


Improving Margins


Data driven consumer insights come to you when you look consumer engagement data in different perspectives, some we use regularly are

Demographic view

Categorizing consumers based upon demographic characteristics allows organizations to better serve the needs of their ideal customers. In terms of digital marketing, it means selling a product or service to the person most likely to buy it based on their age, gender, marital status, income, home ownership, household members, religion, nationality, education, and location, to name a few types of data

Psychographic view

Psycho-graphics deals with attitudes, interests, personality, values, opinions and lifestyle. With high quality data sources like Facebook & Google Analytics, Psycho-graphics is increasingly becoming key differentiation in digital marketing initiatives.

Consumer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Analysis will look at following metrics for each of your customer groups to define it first:-

    • Return visit buyers
    • Retention rate
    • Repeat purchase rate

New Customer Behaviour

Behavior analysis of first time visitors help our customers in measuring efficiency of expansion focused digital marketing initiatives. Some of the key patterns we observe:-

    • First visit customers
    • First day customers
    • Numbers of sessions to order
    • Number of days to order

Multi-device Consumer Behaviour

Increasing complex digital landscape with one consumer using one or more than one devices to experience & transact makes it necessary to understand multi-device consumer interactions. Some of the reports we use in our multi-device consumer analysis are:-

    • Device shift report
    • Device stickyness
    • Multi-device customer
    • single-device customer