When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, it takes everything from stakeholder analysis to technical expertise to ensure that your online assets are found. By staying ahead on trends and technical updates we ensure that your site has the necessary impact on search
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Search Demand Analysis(Keyword Research)

Demand analysis is a study we conduct to analyze the existence of a substantial search demand for your products/services. Given the other details like number of competitors, size of competitors in a Geo-location etc it helps to decide the capability of your website to generate enough relevant traffic.

Usability Improvements

User experience is increasingly becoming more & more important for SEO. We focus on improving user engagement (bounce rate, comments, reviews, ratings, social sharing), device (mobile vs desktop) compatibility, speed, system security etc for the website.

Building Holistic Digital Landscape

Digital presence of a business goes beyond an effective website. We help you to put requires focus on search friendliness of Local business directories, Social Profiles, You Tube Videos, Slideshare PPTs, Images & other digital assets.

In-system Technical Improvements

Technical SEO focus on improving search crawlability optimization, search engine index optimization, resolving in-system errors (4XXs, 5XXs etc), effective internal linking, information architecture optimization.

Content Marketing

Content Strategy for SEO emphasizes on efficient addressal of user search demand. We help you build content on topics people are looking for. It also focuses on building link worthy content creation.

Digital PR, Brand Outreach & Link Building

Strength of a brand (domain) is the most critical ranking factor. Even though search engines have evolved considerably in the assessment of the strength of a domain name, the contextually relevant links earned from trusted websites still form the core of it.


  • proprofs
    Client: ProProfs
    Duration of project: 19 months
    Status: Ongoing
    Traffic Size: 9.3 million
    Customer contact: Sameer Bhatia gets majority of traffic from 2 million+ quizes created by large number of users & freelance content writers

    Goal:Goal was to double organic traffic in 12 months period, without putting additional pressure on content teams.


    • System was categorising quizes in Month/year structure. In some months content was getting paginated by 1000+ pages. This was causing serious crawling issues & system context was not getting consolidated.
    • We started a large scale categorization process with 12000+ categories & 1.2 million quizes

    Results:Traffic surged from 2.6 million to 5.4 million in 12 months

  • raftaar
    Client: Indicus Netlabs
    Duration of project: 13 months
    Status: Ended in Dec 2015
    Traffic Size: 5.5 million
    Customer contact: 5.5 million has 6 different content focus areas (Dictionary, Astrology, News, Songs, Movies, Dharm).

    Goal:Goal was to identify & work on any vertical with highest traffic potential, without putting any effort on content creation.


    • By assessing system wide CTR we picked up
    • Insuring efficient search engine crawling by flattening information layering from 1000+ layers to 4 layers.
    • Strengthening dictionary context of the system by restructuring information architecture (English to Hindi & Hindi to English)

    Results:Traffic surge from 0.7 million to 2.2 million in 9 months with no additional content.

    • Half a million traffic from dictionary centric demand
    • One million from meaning centric demand.
  • pagalguy
    Client: Inzane Labs Private Ltd
    Duration of project: 14 months
    Status: Ongoing
    Traffic Size: 2 Million
    Customer contact: Alwin Angel primarily gets its traffic on user generated content, this dependency makes it vulnerable for high traffic fluctuations year on year. E.g One popular discussion thread in a particular year becomes completely redundant in next year.

    Goal:Goal was to establish high level of control on wide variety of contexts.


    • Establish entity relationship of complete CAT, XAT, GMAT prep & college admissions.
    • Create stable information structure with Tags & Categories
    • Dynamically (sometimes manually) assign UGC content to this stable information structure.


    • 60% jump in traffic compare to last year
    • Started appearing for 74% top 100 MBA colleges in India in top 10 of SERP.
    • This helped us in positioning little better in front of advertisers.



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